Hey, look! It’s Friday

You know what that means. Another weekly reflection. Hooray! This week I started using Google Analytics. That is a really cool tool. There are so many functions that it has. It answers questions I didn’t even think to ask! I think this will help a lot with spreading my business.

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Another week gone…

This week’s lesson in my web business class was about keywords. Keywords can be surprisingly difficult to create. They must be specific enough to satisfy the needs of the customer and not get lost in the sea of the internet but general enough to show up in searches. Delicate balance.

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This week for my business class I had to research what kind of licenses and taxes will be required for my business. Starting an online business is a lot easier than starting one with a physical location. It is somewhat frustrating to find information when some of the links provided won’t work.

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Introduction I wanted this spread to be simplistic. I wanted it to be more focused on the article, which is particularly relevant to me and to my classmates. The article holds a special place in my heart. Elder Holland spoke of depression. To the audience, he related his own college days. In which, he had […]

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