Through a lens…

The week we’ll be looking at photographs which highlight a different photographic element. Here are the original photos and their sources.     2.  Photographer:  Joyce Le. Source:     3.   Leading Lines The first element to analyze is leading lines as illustrated thus: Railroads are the most obvious example of leading lines in […]

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Who knew it could be stressful?

This week’s task consisted of creating a website. This included renting space from a host and creating a page with transaction capabilities. The host I found also provided a template for my page so that I didn’t have to build one from scratch. That would take a while. While setting up the transaction, I decided […]

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Reflections of me

More reflection time! On this week’s episode of Web Business Creation, Megan got to make another quantify and compare spreadsheet. This time I had to examine the differences between drop shipping and affiliate marketing. Both had their pros, but for the purposes of the scenario, I chose affiliate marketing. Perhaps it just catered to my […]

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Another reverse engineer post. This one on typography. Picture found using google search of posters.   Typeface #1 The type as used in the word “Outdoor” is script as indicated by the handwritten nature. Typeface #2 Lack of serifs and being monoweight indicates that the type used in the rest of the poster is sans […]

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On a different note…

So yeah, this blog will now serve for two classes instead of one. I think it’s (great, interesting, ridiculous, sweet) how college classes are incorporating blogs into students homework assignments. Hey, they gotta stay up to date somehow. With that said, my other class besides communications is web business creation. For this week’s assignment, us […]

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My Unprofessional Opinion

It makes sense that my first assignment be centered on that which I love most- Oreo’s. In fact, I can probably relate Oreo’s to many areas in life. But for the purpose of this assignment, I will analyze an ad I found on the internet using a simple Google search.  Ta-dah! Alignment   Look at […]

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