I wanted this spread to be simplistic. I wanted it to be more focused on the article, which is particularly relevant to me and to my classmates. The article holds a special place in my heart.

Elder Holland spoke of depression. To the audience, he related his own college days. In which, he had the same troubles as us. He ended with the light and hope which the Gospel brings.

Colors, Fonts, and Themes

This theme of going from dark to light inspired the gradients of the colors. Blue is scientifically proven to be the most calming color. And with the focus of Elder Holland’s talk being on finding peace, I thought it would be the most appropriate. I also utilized contrasting text fronts to highlight the heading and pull quote. The picture of the pink tree blossoms is significant as well. The sunlight shining through the blossoms illustrates the love of God which can be found in our lives.




Photo of blossoms by me.

“Like a Broken Vessel” by Jeffrey R. Holland:

“Prayer…passport to peace” by Thomas S. Monson:


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