Through a lens…

The week we’ll be looking at photographs which highlight a different photographic element. Here are the original photos and their sources.





2.  Photographer:  Joyce Le. Source:







Leading Lines

The first element to analyze is leading lines as illustrated thus:


Railroads are the most obvious example of leading lines in a photo. The lines in the photo lead the eye to a specific point, called the focal point. Lines in the scenery surrounding also lead the eye to the focal point.

My photo:

InkedPhoto May 13, 3 20 54 PM_LI.jpg


Rule of Thirds

The next element to analyze is the rule of thirds. If the main subject of a photo is not in the center, it is visually appealing to have it situated in proportion to the rule of thirds:


My photo:

InkedPhoto May 13, 3 20 23 PM_LI.jpg


Depth of Field

The last element is the depth of field. The depth of field creates distance in the photo in a different way than leading lines. While leading lines end at a certain point, depth of field spans throughout the entire photo. Objects towards the bottom of the photo are bigger and clearer than objects near the top, creating a sense of depth:


I took a picture trying to illustrate the same concept:

InkedPhoto May 13, 3 18 59 PM_LI.jpg



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