Another reverse engineer post. This one on typography.

Picture found using google search of posters.



Typeface #1

The type as used in the word “Outdoor” is script as indicated by the handwritten nature.

canva-outdoor-movie-night-fundraising-poster-MAB1A3yh5e0_LI (2)

Typeface #2

Lack of serifs and being monoweight indicates that the type used in the rest of the poster is sans serif.



There is minimal contrast of types and sizes in this poster. The contrast of typeface is found in the title “Outdoor Movie Night” and the contrast of size is found among the title and the content. 

canva-outdoor-movie-night-fundraising-poster-MAB1A3yh5e0_LI (3)


This poster contains two typefaces. Sans serif and script can be differentiated by the look of the strokes, the first being typed and the second being handwritten. Sans serif means that there is no serif which is indicated by the lack of embellishments on the end of the letters. The contrast is found between the types of fonts in the title and the difference of size between the title and the context.


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