On a different note…

So yeah, this blog will now serve for two classes instead of one. I think it’s (great, interesting, ridiculous, sweet) how college classes are incorporating blogs into students homework assignments. Hey, they gotta stay up to date somehow.

With that said, my other class besides communications is web business creation. For this week’s assignment, us students had to read a scenario of a group of people deciding which they should focus their business on- chess or snowboarding. (These things are totally related, obviously). The purpose of this assignment was to help us learn how to do a bit of research using a certain application. There was a bunch of functions/stuff I didn’t understand but with the help of a tutorial video, I pretty much got it. I think.

It became apparent that I didn’t know what I was looking for in the first place. It seemed that the assignment was vague on purpose. A classmate speculated that this was to teach us a lesson in a lesson. And the lesson was to be specific. In order to create/develop a successful business, you had to know exactly what you wanted to do, and not just have broad ideas like ‘chess’ and ‘snowboarding’. I didn’t know exactly what the people in the scenario wanted to focus their business on, which led to poor and confusing research and sloppy plans.

Moral of the story- be specific.


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