My Unprofessional Opinion

It makes sense that my first assignment be centered on that which I love most- Oreo’s. In fact, I can probably relate Oreo’s to many areas in life. But for the purpose of this assignment, I will analyze an ad I found on the internet using a simple Google search.  Ta-dah!




Look at this beautiful center alignment. (Just imagine the red lines as being straight.) It’s practically a prefect mirror image. It draws my eyes directly to the center to the text. If I ever had a doubt about what Oreo wanted me read, it wouldn’t be found on this ad.




Everything is in a nice compressed package. My eyes don’t have to wander all across the image to see everything. The time I would have spent trying to decipher the point of this ad can now be spent eating Oreo’s. Well played, Oreo’s.



One of the things that makes an Oreo so appealing is its visual contrast of black cookie and white cream filling. Oreo’s is just playing on its strengths by incorporating that into its advertisement. It depicts not only the contrast of color, but also the contrast of flavor as it is implied by the text, “Something we can all disagree on”. Personally I prefer the cookie to the filling, but that’s just me. (My side is the correct side *wink wink*)


Can you see me now? (This was the best way I could come up with to depict contrasts)



They really kept it simple, didn’t they?




And then there’s color. It seems the overall theme of this is simplicity. Not that I can blame them. Oreo’s are already pretty famous. Same three colors- black, white, and blue. Keeping it real. Although, I wouldn’t have minded having a green banner instead.



Overall, I’m impressed by this ad. It’s not too overwhelming with colors and things. They’re keeping it real with this design. Oreo’s already knows that they are the best. It doesn’t take much convincing.



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